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Offering Polygraph Service for Criminal Defense Attorneys, Sporting Events, Infidelity Cases, and More

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Aiken Polygraph

Aiken Polygraph is committed to helping a diverse client base with professional assessments and resolving important issues. We promise to give each case the attention that it deserves.

As a small, locally-owned firm, our number one priority is exceeding your expectations.

Our Core Values

Aiken Polygraph

Sensitivity towards our clients

Aiken Polygraph

Commitment and dedication

Aiken Polygraph

Licensed and experienced examiners

Aiken Polygraph

Flexibility to work around your needs

Aiken Polygraph

Open communication

Aiken Polygraph

Accurate assessments

Aiken Polygraph

Attention to detail

Aiken Polygraph

About Tommy Platt

Tommy Platt is the proprietor of Aiken Polygraph and is committed to providing premier polygraph services to Georgia and South Carolina. He served as an investigator and polygraph examiner for the Aiken County Sheriff’s office. He also has over 30 years of public service experience in both, military and law enforcement duty.

Tommy is a retired investigator and is an experienced professional who prides himself on exceeding customer needs. He is a member of the American Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association.

Aiken Polygraph
Aiken Polygraph

Practice Areas

  • Certified post-conviction sex offender testing
  • Criminal defense polygraph examinations
  • Infidelity testing
  • Sporting events testing
  • Business securities/pre-employment testing

Our Mission

"When you rule out the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

~ Pete Beller of Pete W. Beller & Associates

With over 20 years of practice, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get exactly what you need and deserve.

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